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What is the Hunger Scale?

hunger scale

A huge part of weight loss and management is related to managing your hunger properly. Unless you are fasting letting yourself run on empty can confuse your body and mean that you don't end up with the results you are looking for.

Here's what each level of the hunger scale means. Where do you find yourself the most?

  1. Beyond hunger: you may have a headache and experience dizziness and a lack of concentration. Your body feels totally out of energy and you need to lie down.

  2. You feel irritable and cranky, with little energy. You may also feel nauseous.

  3. Your stomach feels empty and the urge to eat is strong.

  4. You start to think about food. Your body is giving you the signal that you might want to eat.

  5. Your body has had enough food to keep going and is physically and psychologically just starting to feel satisfied.

  6. You are fully satisfied and full up.

  7. You are feeling past the point of satisfaction, yet you can still find room for a little more. Your body might say no but your mind says yes, so you take a few more bites.

  8. Your stomach is starting to really ache. You probably know you shouldn’t have had more, but it tasted so good.

  9. You now feel really uncomfortable, heavy, tired and bloated.

  10. Beyond full: this is a typical Christmas Day sort of feeling — you are physically miserable, don’t want to or can’t move, and feel like you never want to look at food again. Not a good point to reach!

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