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Module Three - Increase Core Power, will push your limitations as a golfer by developing force, increasing explosive strength, and speed of movement.

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Module Details

Each of our modules encapsulates the 5 aspects of the Golf Fit Academy; nutrition, recovery, mind-set, movement and consistency. This advanced module will build upon the existing foundations you already have and work on increasing your core power. We will provide a tailored nutritional plan that will be adapted to account for your personalised intense explosive fitness programme. We will also assess your mind-set and take into consideration the stressors and mental blocks that may be impacting the quality of your golf game. We will educate you on how to reset and replenish your body post golf game

and after exercise. With the introduction of power training into your routine, it is extremely important that you focus your on recovery to avoid injury and in preparation for your next round of golf. To increase your core power, we will focus on increasing strength and speed to make you a fitter and better performing golfer. To promote the basics of consistency,

you will have access to round the clock support, with tailored programming and nutrition plans. 

Module Pricing

Individual module price £287

A special discounted rate is available when you subscribe to all 3 Golf Fit Academy Modules.

If you would like to chat more about our Modules and how they can work as a bolt on service, contact us.

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