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Module Two - Course Fitness, will help you build stamina and decrease fatigue, ensuring that you have as much energy on the 18th hole as you did on the 1st tee box.

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Module Details

Each of our modules encapsulates the 5 aspects of the Golf Fit Academy; nutrition, recovery, mind-set, movement and consistency. We will provide you will a personalised nutritional plan that will outline the foods and fluid you require pre-game, during and after

to increase performance on the golf course. You will also participate in a neurological assessment that will determine where you are mentally, how you want to adapt your mind-set and construct a customised plan to make mental changes. We will educate you on how to reset and replenish your system post golf game, that will accelerate your recovery in preparation for your next round of golf. To increase your course fitness, we will focus on movement by strengthening and stretching your muscles, improve posture and flexibility to make you a fitter golfer. To promote the basics of consistency, you will have access to round the clock support, with tailored programming and nutrition plans. 

Module Pricing

Individual module price £287

A special discounted rate is available when you subscribe to all 3 Golf Fit Academy Modules.

If you would like to chat more about our Modules and how they can work as a bolt on service, contact us.

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