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How to Manage Your Hunger

hunger scale

The Hunger Scale teaches you to listen to your body. Here are some ideas on how to become more mindful around meal times, which in turn will help you to know when to start and stop eating. With practice you will be able to manage your hunger, feel more in control of your eating habits, and enjoy your meals mindfully.

Before you eat

Concentrate your attention on your stomach and give yourself a number on the Hunger Scale. You should naturally feel hunger (3 on the scale) around every 3-5 hours after your last meal.

If your hunger is not coming your stomach area, you are probably feeling hunger due to an emotional state or out of habit, so try to find an alternative way to comfort yourself rather than eating.

During a meal

Eat slowly and mindfully to allow yourself to feel how full you are getting. Listen for the body when it tells you that you are no longer hungry. Look out for the signals telling you that you’re comfortably full but try not to reach the point of feeling stuffed.

Stop when you’re halfway through your meal to check your fullness, if you are still feeling hunger, then continue eating another half of your meal. Stop again and reassess. This method is a good way to make sure you don’t overeat.

Finishing a meal

Stop eating when you are around ‘5 ‘or ‘6’ on the scale. Stopping at a higher number or convincing yourself that you need to leave a completely clean plate means you have probably taken in more food than your body needs.

If you want to learn how to manage your hunger as part of your daily fitness regime, please contact us today.

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