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How Hungry Are You?

Hunger scale

If you have lost touch with how physical hunger and fullness actually feel then this Hunger Scale can help you tune in back to your body and help you decide whether your desire to eat comes from real hunger or other reasons.

Use the information in this booklet, as well as the scale and diary to describe your level of hunger and recognise the best times to start and stop eating during your day.


Ask yourself, “Am I really physically hungry?”

Use the Hunger Level Scale below to determine your level of hunger. Refer also to the table on the following page that describes what physical hunger typically feels like.

2. Rate your hunger before you eat.

If your hunger is a ‘3’ on the scale then start eating. If you think you are on the scale of ‘4’ wait half an hour and assess again. Stop eating when you reach ‘6’.

3. Think about any other reasons you may want to eat.

If you rate yourself 6 or above on the hunger scale, think about other reasons that may be triggering you to eat. These could be:

• Boredom

• Habit

• Places/Situations

• People

• Emotions

4. Plan and take control

If you suspect that your hunger is due to any psychological factors, instead of eating, try doing something else. Distract yourself with other activities such as walking, chatting to a friend, exercising, or meditating, which are just a few examples.

If you want to explore other ways to control your hunger and improve your fitness. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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