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The Gym Academy St Albans




If you're considering working with us for your fitness training, don't just take our word for it, here's some reviews from some of our clients.  If you would like to find out more, why not contact us today.

Been training with Chris for 15 years now - always a very focused, personal session. Never boring, he pushes me whilst taking into account what I can and can't do.


Chris is an amazing PT with a superior technical knowledge. He’s focused on your needs. His training is demanding yet fun. He’s totally committed to delivering long lasting results. I have no doubt recommending Chris’ training which is always of high quality.


The Gym Academy has been part of my well being physically & mentally for many years. With Chris’s professionalism, commitment, kindness and drive we have pain managed my body and kept me off medication. Together with my determination not to give in, he has educated me in what I can achieve and most importantly his encouragement makes me more determined to achieve my goals, whatever they maybe! Through the ups and downs, menopause, injury, weaknesses disappointments, I can always reply on him making me feel “you can do it” whatever it maybe! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Gym Academy!


I have been seeing Chris for about three months now. Having never been a gym fanatic, I really look forward to each session and am enjoying them too!

I am not only being educated in my nutrition-but also my posture (which I wasn’t aware was so bad!!!!)

Having always had a weak back, this is also being addressed and improved through Chris’s team.

I am now beginning to get comments about my change of shape and can zip up dresses that were languishing in my wardrobe!

I am so glad that I approached Chris and would recommend him to anyone.

At the age of 61 I feel healthier and stronger than when I was 51.


I've been training with Chris for 2 months now, starting just before lockdown begun & i'm SO glad I stuck with it. Going from training in the gym one on one with him (Which was great!) to virtual one on one sessions via facebook i've continued to get great results. I wasn't sure how i'd get on with virtual sessions having not really liked the idea previously, but its like having him in my living room, & although there are MILLIONS of home work out videos doing the rounds at this time, they don't compare to having someone encouraging, correcting your form & tailoring sessions to you personally. Having him keeping me accountable & encouraging me during such a weird time has been amazing & he's completely changed my outlook to health, fitness & my diet. I honestly wasn't expecting such great results in such a short space of time, It's been a complete life style change & I've never been happier in myself Thank you


I went to see Chris not so much to get fit but to try and get rid of my aches and pains. I'm fairly fit and strong but I don't always use the correct muscles for the correct job and this was leading to back muscle pain and strain. Chris quickly worked out which muscles I wasn't engaging and using properly and we have worked hard to activate and build those muscles.

I'm feeling much stronger and much more comfortable through my back.

The sessions have been fun but there's definitely no slacking! For me it's been as much of a work out for my brain as my body - trying to re-educate my body.

Even my teenage girls love to join in my sessions when they can.

I'd definitely recommend going to see Chris whatever your goals!


It's fun, honest set and smash goals...

it's hard finding personal trainers with a depth of knowledge and not just someone who has completed a few courses. The Gym Academy has that knowledge people need to ensure you stay safe and make body changes.

would I recommend.... absolutely!!!


The Gym Academy St Albans
The Gym Academy St Albans


Get in contact today to begin your transformation on 07977 242 538 or

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