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Massage and osteopathy


At The Gym Academy we treat the whole person, so as well as looking at your fitness goals, it is important to us that we ensure you are in your peak condition.  You may know you have aches and pains, or bits that 'don't seem to work properly', or we might point out issues during training.

To ensure we keep you moving and staying fit, we have a team of on-site massage therapists and chiropractors.  Highly experienced in sports therapy and rehabilitation, they are here to support you and your health.  The most important thing to us is that you maintain your strength and fitness and don't let small issues affect you in the longer term.

One of the methods used is Systematic Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) which uses simple, safe and precise muscle testing procedures to find imbalances within the body that either have, or may cause symptoms. With Kinesiology we can get to the cause or root of the problem which may be physical, chemical, emotional or energy based. Kinesiology uses specific massage points, nutrition, energy reflexes and emotional techniques to balance the person as a whole. It is a potent, safe, powerful and natural approach to health care.

Massage & Chiropractic Therapies

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