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Are you frustrated, working harder and harder but not seeing results? Stress could be the hidden factor…


Time and time again we see the impact of stress on our bodies with tiredness, anxiety, low mood and holding on to weight we don’t need.


At The Gym Academy we believe in a holistic approach to health, as we know that mental and physical health are intertwined and if you ignore one the other will suffer.


Behavioural or emotional support can help you not just with the stresses and strains of life but with your health and fitness goals. Work with Megan to identify what might be getting in the way or adding to your busy life and work together on practical, behavioural and cognitive tips to support emotional health so you are freed up to focus on getting fitter and healthier.


One to one phone or online sessions with Megan and tailor a programme that means you are supporting your personal training or nutritional goals as you work with The Gym Academy.


Lets work smarter not harder!

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TGA Membership
TGA Membership

Sign-up for monthly membership that includes three live classes, recipes and workout downloads.

recipe download

Nutrition is at the heart of all our training programmes.   Download recipe packs and guides.

personal training
Personal Training

Montly online packages and one off sessions to book online..


Download our expertly compiled workouts and training app.

Myzone Membership
Myzone Membership

Sign up to be a member of Myzone at The Gym Academy - free belt included.

Look Amazing

We have a range of branded TGA merchandise for you to buy at the Gym to maximuse your workout

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