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Golf Fit is a 12-week online programme founded by Sports Performance Specialist (BSc), Chris Birch 

The aim of the Golf Fit programme is to revolutionise your golf game, helping you to become the strongest and most flexible golfer you can be from the comfort of your home.


Golf Fit is a completely customised programme, tailored to you and your goals. The 12-week programme will look at all areas of your fitness, including strength and conditioning, posture, flexibility and nutrition. Through the latest sports science, Chris will outline simple and achievable changes to your lifestyle to create significant gains in your game.

Golf Fit is an online programme to helping Pros and Amateurs to:

✅ Increase your clubhead speed

✅ Reduce fat

✅ Eliminate that back 9 fade in performance

✅ Enable an injury and pain free round

✅ Build strength and flexibility that is targeted to your golf game

Golf fiit

Introducing Golf Fit Academy

About Chris

Chris has a lifelong passion for sport, fitness and nutrition, which led him to study a Sport and Exercise Science degree. Following this, Chris became a personal trainer and set up The Gym Academy, an online exercise and nutritional membership service. Chris is also an avid golfer. It was while speaking to amateur and pro players on the course that he realised the benefits a tailored fitness programme, specifically made for golfers, could achieve for their game.


“My aim with the Golf Fit 12-week programme is to create a clear path to your golfing goals through planning, education, encouragement and effort.”

Course Management

Before commencing the 12-week programme, Chris will gather all of your fitness, postural and nutritional information, and discuss with you what your ultimate goals are for your golf game. From here, Chris will create a customised programme for you to follow, which includes exercise sessions, a nutritional plan, motivational support, and weight assessment and monitoring. Your progress will be reviewed every 2-3 weeks with video feedback given. This continual monitoring of your performance will enable Chris to adapt your programme for the whole 12 weeks, optimising your results and getting you course ready.

As Golf Fit is a tailored programme, it will suit players at both pro and amateur levels who are looking to improve their game as well as their general fitness.

Golf fiit

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Chris completed a full body assessment on me to identify where we needed to target to achieve my golfing goals. His continual motivational messages kept me on track and his classes were designed specifically for the golfer’s swing. As a result, I’m about 5mph faster with my clubhead swing speed following the programme. Thanks for the 12 weeks Chris, it’s been a game changer and a lot of fun working with you.


I've been training with Chris

for 2 months now and I'm SO glad I stuck with it. I wasn't sure how I'd get on with virtual sessions having not really liked the idea previously, but it’s like having him in my living room encouraging and correcting my form and tailoring sessions to me personally. Having him keeping me accountable and encouraging me has been amazing and he has completely changed my outlook to health, fitness and my diet. I honestly wasn't expecting such great results in such a short space of time. It's been a complete life style change and I've never been happier in myself.


Rather than just giving me a plan, Chris made sure it was being implemented, but also doable around my busy lifestyle. With Chris, I was able to live my life, without feeling guilty, while getting results.