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Transformation Programme



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The Workout Programme to Build Lean Muscle


The standard training programme is split into two phases, each of which has a different focus e.g. upper body, and lower body. Each phase lasts six weeks. You will need to undertake three weekly sessions with a trainer, and at least one weekly session training by yourself.

Each tailored programme is written to focus on increasing hypertrophy - building muscle -  by performing 2-4 exercises for each muscle group during that muscle’s training day, for 3-5 sets, and 6-12 reps. 

Muscle is built by working the muscle hard, which creates micro-tears within the individual muscle fibres. The repair process increases the volume of the individual muscle fibres, leading to increased strength and endurance. The rep tempo should be slow, as time under tension  maximises the number of micro-tears. This therefore plays a key role in the amount of muscle building that occurs during each exercise, a factor that is critical to building lean muscle.

The 12-Week Transion Programme should focus on the three major lifts that are involved in powerlifting competitions – the squat, deadlift and bench press. Improving your ability in these big moves will make you stronger, leaner and more muscular because they involve using every major muscle group in your body.  Each workout will focus on one of these lifts, starting with a relatively light exercise, designed to mobilise your target muscles. You then perform weighted lifts, whilst your trainer observes and corrects any technique irregularities.

Throughtout the training period we track progression on your strength and body composition. We recommend clients use an app to track their food intake and make up, eg proteins, carbs and fats, over the course of the programme.  This enables your trainer to refine and tailor the correct macronutrients according to the training goals.

How do you know if this service is for you?

struggle losing weight?

have a troublesome fat area?

are you stressed and tired or wired?

have problems increasing lean mass?

find it hard getting up in the mornings?

do you suffer from memory loss?

do you feel bloated?

is your sex drive low?

do you have sugar cravings?

do you get depressed?

do you suffer from PMS?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above then we recommend you sign up to The Gym Academy's 12-Week Transition Programme. 'The best project you will ever work on is you’.

You will find this is the cheapest part for the transition- having to buy a whole new wardrobe is the costly part of the transformation - but the sense of satisfaction if the most valuable part.  

After completing the 12-Week Transition Programme you will be a member of The Gym Academy family.  One-to-one sessions can only be taken once the 12-week Transformation Programme has been completed .


You should now be where you aimed to be when you set out on your journey, and well enough informed to move to the next level of your training.

What are the Costs?

You can pay for the 12-Week Transition programme in two ways:

£1620 upfront price (£45 per session); or

£1800 over three payments £600 per month (£50 per session)


Usual price per session £60

What Happens Next?

If you want to progress your fitness to the next level, the best way to do this is to book a free one hour consultation with one of our personal trainers to work out the best programme for you.  We are based in St Albans and will require you to commit to train three times a week, so please also bear travel time in mind too.  If you are ready click on the link below to arrange your first appointment.

We will require you to sign up to our terms and conditions too.  We want to work with you to get the best results.

12-Week Transition Programme


The most common goal in the gym is to build lean muscle.

There’s nothing wrong with training for an aesthetic goal – and besides, if someone trains hard but says they don’t care how they look, the chances are they’re  being honest with themselves.  When it comes to building muscle, our advice is to first become lean in body fat, then we will set out a specific programme to increase your lean muscle mass.

To benefit from transformation with The Gym Academy you must commit to our 12-Week Transition Programme.  This Programme will be tailored for you to achieve the lean, toned body you have been striving for.  


You will need to commit to a strict, three-times-a week training protocol over a 12-week period.  We will need a certain commitment from you, the client, in agreeing to specific terms and conditions, before taking on this workout programme.  

One-to-one personal training sessions at TGA can only be taken once the 12-Week Transition Programme has been completed.

Using the information from an initial consultation with one of our trainers, we will design for you a unique nutritional and training protocol for the 12-week period.  You will then need to train with a TGA trainer three-times-a-week.

How much do you really want to change?

We work on an 80/20 split, 80% of the time you need to follow the diet and training plan exactly to the letter, 20% of the time we will leave it up to you to make the correct choices. For example, off-plan food choices, rest days, extra training sessions. The success of your Transition Plan will depend on You

We do ask for a 100% effort and commitment within each training session. So, make sure you are well-rested and fed to train and have a positive approach at all your training sessions ‘the body achieves what the mind believes'. 'Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right' as Henry Ford once said.

We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens and there may be unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending a session. However, we will not accept that you just “don’t have the time” within the 12 week period of your commitment.

12 week transition programme


trans 1.jpg
Transition 1

Kate's transition from baby mum to beach bum.


Strikes, 12 months of eating and training.

trans 3.jpg
Transition 3

Louis' transition has allowed him to increase his muscle mass, though a strength training programme.   This has enabled him to lose  one stone of body fat, and then increase his muscle mass for an increase in range of movement and power. 

trans 2.jpg
Transition 2

Jo's transition  using weight loss techniques is a great example of someone changing their total lifestyle for a better quality of life.

trans 4.jpg
Transition 4

Barbara's transition has taken 20 years off the way she looks.


Through weight lifting she has become and incredible athlete in her 60’s 

trans 5.jpg
Transition 5

James' transition was a fast lose, in just a few months. Though clean regular eating tracked eating. With a great weight lifting training programme.

transformation programme
Transition Programme

Sign up for our 12-Week Transition Programme and see the difference

recipe download

Nutrition is at the heart of all our training programmes.   Download recipe packs and guides.

personal training
Personal Training

Your personal training session will educate you in many aspects of fitness. and health


Download our expertly compiled workouts and training app.

Myzone Membership
Myzone Membership

Sign up to be a member of Myzone at The Gym Academy - free belt included.

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