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Module One - Injury Prevention, will help you build a balanced body that will improve mobility and increase your body's stability and strength.

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Each of our modules encapsulates the 5 aspects of the Golf Fit Academy; nutrition, recovery, mind-set, movement and consistency. We will help you understand how to fuel your body with good quality nutrition, hydrate your system with the sufficient amount of quality fluids and help prevent common injuries that are associated with golf. We will work with you to identify any stresses that may be impacting your overall health and golf game. Once we have concluded our assessment, we will design a personalised stress management program that provides you with prescribed techniques and coping mechanisms. We will also assess your muscular stability and strength through a series of detailed assessments, and work together to build a balanced body with improved mobility. 

We will educate you on how to reset and replenish your system post golf game, that will accelerate your recovery in preparation for your next round of golf. To promote the basics of consistency, we will give you the tools to ready yourself for a game of golf with planned warm ups and improved golf swing mechanics. 

Module Pricing

Individual module price £287

A special discounted rate is available when you subscribe to all 3 Golf Fit Academy Modules.

If you would like to chat more about our Modules and how they can work as a bolt on service, contact us.

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