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The Gym Academy

Sign up today for our online training programme - Photofit.  Working alongside one of our highly qualified personal trainers, when you put the work in the results are amazing when you are training for a goal.

There are two ways to access our Photofit training programmes.  Either by joining our app for monthly training or our three month online programme that culminates in a photoshoot in a photogenic location.

Photofit App

Photofit is now available as an app in the App Store, search for photofit@tga to download and take us with you wherever you go. Only $29.99 a month.  This includes home training programmes, nutritional advice and the ability to connect with your online coach.

Photofit Online Training and Photoshoot

From the success of the first shoot in Barcelona we are running our second professional fitness photo shoot. With the end goal of 200 photo of yourself to find the best angles. Just commit to programme, training and nutrition get you into the best shape of your life.

This is a three month online training and nutritional programme to get you in the best shape of your life. The programme provides you with personalised training routines and nutrition guidance. 

Join us on our next photoshoot, date and location tbc,  to get amazing photos for your social media, dating or just as a personal goal.

The package includes:

  • one Biosignature  bodyfat assessment per month (over three months)

  • nutritional templates

  • online programme design

  • 10 professional photos

Payable as three instalments of £282.  Cost of travel extra.


Are you ready for the best photos your will take of yourself with a professional fitness photographer?

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