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Welcome to The Gym Academy

The Gym Academy is designed to help clients live a healthier lifestyle and reach their individual fitness goals. By mixing education and hard work, in the comfort of your own home with online training classes.  The Gym Academy will will work with you to get you into a shape you can be proud of!


A key factor of living a healthy lifestyle, is understanding the right nutrition for your needs. Making the correct food choices will have a massive influence on your overall health and wellbeing and help you to achieve your goals.  The Gym Academy guides and educates its members to help them understand and achieve their optimal nutritional goals.

TGA Membership

The easiest way to get started with The Gym Academy is to sign up for our online membership package.  This includes three online workout classes per week, recipe and workout downloads, inspirational videos and being a member of our community via our app.  All this for only £24.99 a month.  Sign up here.

Online Training Packages

We offer two online training packages for one to one sessions for a programme that is perfectly designed for you, with and without video coaching.

Personal Training

All of our personal training sessions are now online, you can access them via one of our training packages or you can book one off sessions directly online.  We also offer a 30 minute assessment for £10.


We offermembership of  MyZone - a cutting edge personalised fitness app - which lets you track your own progress, and match yourself against other members to compete for the monthly prizes that are up for grabs.  

Tips and Tools

We regularly update the site to add new information and tips to help you with your fitness goals.  Check out our blog to find out more, or why not use our calorie counter to see how many calories you need, versus how many you are consuming, does it match?!

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Become a Gym Academy Member for only £24.99 a month.  Three live classes a week, recipes and training programmes and join an online community.

Get in the best shape of your life with a full online training programme and photoshoot and video session.  Train with a community with the same goals.

For all golf players whether pro or amateur.  Build your fitness to improve your golf, shed unwanted fat and be the strongest, most flexible golfer you can be.

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