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How Much Water is in Your Body?

Did you know that as you age the amount of water in your body decreases?

This means that as you age you are at a greater risk of dehydration, so when you find you are drinking more than the kids, there is a reason! So the older you are the more water you need to drink.

Research shows that dehydration doesn't reduce heat loss or increase body temperature like it does in younger people. This might seem like a positive, but it can lead to a greater risk of dehydration as you don't realise how much water you might have lost when exercising.

Other issues of having less water in your body means that there can be more salt in your blood which brings greater health risks. Also recent research shows that our thirst centre in the hypothalmus, becomes less active as we age and doesn't always send us the signal that we need to drink.

So if you are 40+ a good tip is to measure how much you drink in a day to make sure you keep your levels up. You could keep a 2l bottle near and make sure it is drunk each day, or why not keep a tally of how many glasses you drink a day. Also some of the fitness trackers, such as Garmin allow you to track your water intake. So there's no excuse!

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