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I Have Started to Make Changes


During this terrible pandemic all of our lives have changed and who knows when we can get back to normal. So talking about change might seem hard, when we are just trying to get through the day.

However, we have found with alot of our personal training clients, that just making a few small changes to their regime has really helped. Lockdown has given us the time to think more about how we live our lives and what changes we can make.

At the time of posting this blog we have experienced nearly a year of difficult restrictions. But we know that those who made a couple of small changes are reaping the rewards. Being more active and eating a more varied diet are simple changes that can be made to improve your overall wellbeing.

Why not tell us what changes you have made to change your lifestyle over the past six months? Or if you are really struggling you could either sign-up for monthly TGA membership to get into a routine of exercise and healthy eating. Alternatively book an assessment with Chris to see how he can help.

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