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Are You Ready for Change?

This year we might not feel to up for making changes. But as we are all stuck indoors and January is traditionally the time for change, why not take the time to think about what changes you might like to make in your life.

In this blog series we are looking at the stages of change in developing healthy habits.

The first stage is where you start to think about change. This is a positive first step in that you can see that a change needs to be made and can start to motivate yourself to make that change.

Think do you want to improve your health? Are you worried that there might be roadblocks in the way that stop you making the change.

You have the power to make the change. One way to help you is to become a member of The Gym Academy for only £24.99 a month. During lockdown the first month is free.

Get Access to three live workouts a week and a year's worth of healthy recipes that will really help you to make the changes that you need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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