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Have you Prepared for Change?

In our latest blog series, we are looking at the stages of change.

So, you have thought about change and realised that changes need to be made to achieve a healthier lifestyle. January is often the time we think about this and now with Lockdown, we have more time to think about our lifestyle and implement simple changes to get us there.

No you have have decided on change you need to decide on the change you want to make, be it a change in diet, be more active, lose weight or maybe learn a new skill. The importnat thing is to decide what you want to change and then to set specific goals that you want to achieve.

Goals could be reducing your meat intake, cutting carbs, running 5k in a certain time, the list is endless and needs to be right for you and achievable. Don't set too many goals as you won't make it and this could end up with a negative outcome.

Now you have your goals set, get ready to take action.....

If you need any help achieving fitness goals, why not sign up for our TGA monthly membership plan. Only £24.99 a month, with one month free in lockdown, so there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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