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Tip #03 - Call Your Goal-Buddy

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Some things are just more manageable when you are two or more.

When we have someone who believes in us and supports us, goals can be easier to achieve.

Find yourself a goal-buddy that has the same goal as you. Together you can set up days where you, for example, meditate together if your goal is to improve your memory and concentration. Maybe you arrange dinner dates where you share information and try out new recipes rich in protein because your goal is to enhance your knowledge about protein.

Having a goal-buddy keeps you accountable to your goals because they can encourage you during the process. And also, when you have someone that counts on you to meet them at 06.00 am in the gym, you are more likely to pack your training bag and go.

If you need help with your motivation, why not contact us to see how The Gym Academy can be a goal buddy for you.

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