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Tip #04 Set A Reward

fitness motivation

We all like rewards, and it is part of our nature to feel good after achieving something. And if we get a reward for doing it – well, then even better.

You can trigger your motivation by offering yourself a reward if you finish your task or goal. The prize can be anything, as long as you enjoy it and look forward to it.

Suppose your goal is to eat vegetables, but you find them very boring to eat. Then you can tell yourself:

"If I eat a portion of veggies for dinner two nights in a row, I will reward myself with one episode of my favorite series."

Or your goal is to start running, but you always find excuses not to do it. Then you can tell yourself. "If I run today after work, I will go check out that new exhibition downtown on Friday."

The reward itself is not the most crucial part here; it is what thinking of the reward does to your body.

"I want to go to the cinema and see that new movie, so I will make myself a healthy breakfast at home for the next four days instead of buying it at the gas station."

Thinking of the reward triggers your body to act, which starts your motivation.

In the book The War of Art, the author Steven Pressfield writes,

"At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it."

It is easier to take action and feel awkward in the yoga class than to keep sitting feeling bad about yourself in front of the TV.

And it is easier to feel strange while eating your homemade vegetable soap at work than to feel disappointed while stepping on your weight scale.

So, don't think "I do it tomorrow" instead think " Finish-out today and quit tomorrow"

(But of course you don't quit tomorrow, because tomorrow you will think about the same line again).

If you want to find out about how to improve your fitness motivation, why not contact us today to find out more.

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