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My Glucose Levels Test and 60 Hour Fast

Research into how my lifestyle - my diet, lifestyle, exercise and water intake affect my glucose levels. Using the Super Sapien Glucose Patch

Glucose Super Sapiens Patch

The question that I asked myself Is there another way to track food apart from calories?

So, I decided to test my glucose levels over the month, to see what I could learn. Then end the test with a 60 hour fast.

For the first week, I will live as normal and see what happens to my glucose levels over a week. I will be manipulating my food and portion size, but keeping the calories and my training regimen the same, to see how it affects glucose and what happens overnight.

As well as the glucose patch, I use an aura ring and MyZone to get feedback and see how it affects me on a minute-by-minute basis.

Results from the First 24 hours

I found that watching sugar levels after eating really motivates me to eat cleaner. Even some of the things that I thought were clean had an unexpected result. I love that it monitors me as an individual way. Everyone is different even, if you are the same weight and calorie intake as there are so many variables, gut health, recovery protocol etc to take into account.

Pizza Night

My wife and I have had a regular pizza a brownie night for the past 10 years and I really don’t want to stop it. I know that it’s not the healthiest meal, but I wanted to learn how it affected me and how I could make it a little bit healthier.

So, on week one pizza night affected sleep, I am not going to change the habit as I enjoy it, but how do I fit it in with a healthy lifestyle. Over the night, I struggled to regulate my heart rate due to sugar intake from the brownie, now in the morning I need a caffeine fix. What could I have before the next pizza night so that I can absorb that sugar better?

I tried a Ketones supplement – one hour before. Another thing to try is apple cider vinegar, but stay to the same meal as before. Another thing to try is to have it at lunchtime instead?

After 14 days.

I saw spikes with food that was good quality, this must be related to my gut health and my relationship with carbohydrates, everyone is different.

The major thing I was focussing on was breakfast – a smoothie. What happens if I change the GI intake with fruits, yoghurt, berries, changing the fats, such as avocado and peanut butter. I wanted to see how the ketones affected everything in relation to the smoothie, before, same time after. How did this affect the results? Ketones with the smoothie was the best result. Plus, the more fats, avocado was a good combination.

On pizza night, it took me eight hours to get back to normal. It made my sugar levels spike for a long time and put my body under pressure and interrupted my sleep.

What supplement helped to reduce the sugar spike, I tried the ketones with the pizza and that helped to, but I still had a sugar spike.

Next trial will include a 60 hour fast, using the patch.


60 Day Fast

At 48 hours it got really tough! It has already reduced my bloating and allowed my gut and metabolism to have a rest. With the glucose patch, it really helped me to know if I was going to pass out and enabled me to keep my sugar level in a safe place.

Training helped me, it spiked my glucose and used what I had in storage. I don’t normally train when I am not eating, but just low level training has really helped. I felt like it was safer to train when fasting when I had the patch on as it kept me within my limits.

It is a really tough fast to do mentally. You do drop weight that is probably mainly water, but I think that the main area is my gut health and will keep me doing them.

Between 24 and 48 hours there wasn’t a huge difference, but up to 24 hours was a big difference, so I might consider doing a weekly 24 hour fast. Watch this space….

If you want to find our more about how I can help you with your training get in touch to find our more.

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