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How to Crush Your Cravings and Feel Happier

crush your cravings

You know that feeling, an intense urge to eat a sugary, salty, or fatty type of food. Just thinking about it makes you feel excited.

There are no hunger pangs, rumbly tummy, or fatigue, which are the natural hunger signs. Only an urge to fulfill a desire. These desires are called cravings, and they can pop up at any minute.

In this blog series, you will discover what cravings are, why you have them, and how you can try to reduce or avoid them.

What Are Cravings?

Food cravings are a strong desire to eat sugary, salty, or fatty types of food, which often seem uncontrollable, leaving you unsatisfied until you get what you want.

Over 90% of the world's population experiences food cravings, and we all experience them differently.

Studies have shown that men and women crave different kinds of food.

Men are more likely to crave savory foods like meat, fish, and eggs. If men do crave sweets, they typically go for sugar-sweetened beverages.

However, women crave mostly sweet foods like chocolate, cakes, and ice cream. The same studies have shown that women more frequently report experiencing cravings in their everyday lifestyle, not bound to food.

Whatever foods you are craving, come and talk to the experts at The Gym Academy, we can help you to create a personal training fitness plan that includes nutrition and a healthy diet at the heart of everything. Contact us today to find out more.

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