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How to Beat Cravings

Some studies found that three key factors play a majority role in cravings:


Sleep efficiency is often associated with craving sugar. Studies show that people with poor quality sleep increases the frequency of their cravings. Overcome this by preparing a bedtime routine focused on calming your mind for better sleep. Avoid caffeine after 3pm and leave your phone in the living room or study overnight. Practice a bedtime wind-down such as breathing exercises or meditation.


When you are stressed, it causes your adrenal glands to release the hormone cortisol, increasing your appetite and cravings. Take up journaling to help let go of the stress from the day. Set a specific time each evening to answer these three questions:

"I will let go of…".

"I am grateful for…".

"I will focus on...".


Dieting is often to blame for causing cravings since you deny yourself specific foods. For example, when avoiding food rich in sugar, you tend to increase the cravings for sugary food. Improving the relationship with food through mindfulness may help control overeating, moving past restrictive diets.

Whatever foods you are craving, come and talk to the experts at The Gym Academy, we can help you to create a personal training fitness plan that includes nutrition and a healthy diet at the heart of everything. Contact us today to find out more.

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