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Try These 5 Habits To Help Reduce Cravings

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink a big glass of cold water the next time you have cravings. It helps by hydrating the body and giving a sense of fullness.

Eat Enough Protein

Studies have shown that a healthy diet rich in lean protein may help reduce cravings. The same research suggests that eating more protein helps suppress hunger and reduce ghrelin (a hormone related to appetite.) Start the morning with a high-protein breakfast to kickstart your day.

Avoid Shopping When Hungry

It is almost a sure thing that you will experience food cravings if you enter the supermarket hungry. Why? – Because the salty, sugary, fatty foods are easily accessible and at eye level. Try shopping after you have eaten.

Brush Your Teeth

No evidence shows that brushing your teeth affects the hormones that regulate your appetite. But food does not taste good right after brushing your teeth. It helps extinguish the desire to fulfill a craving. Try brushing your teeth after meals.

Chew Gum

A study shows that chewing gum for 45 minutes can make you less hungry and avoid cravings.

Whatever foods you are craving, come and talk to the experts at The Gym Academy, we can help you to create a personal training fitness plan that includes nutrition and a healthy diet at the heart of everything. Contact us today to find out more.

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