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Coronavirus - Covid-19 Update

Batchwood Sports Centre

In the event of Batchwood Sports Centre closing due to Coronavirus, The Gym Academy will be putting a couple of options in place for you as a valid member.

They are as follows:

Option one

If you currently pay by DD and have access to a home gym or an area large enough to be able to exercise in, we are willing to come to your home and bring the gym to you, dependent on whether you are fit and well and aren’t showing any symptoms of having the virus. For those who are still on our old payment scheme of bulk buying we are still willing to come to your home but the cost for us to come to you maybe a little more than your discounted sessions dependent of where are live.

Option two

As and when Batchwood decide to close during this time TGA would like to take this opportunity to add another dimension to our services and venture into the digital world by providing online Facebook Portal group classes.

This is an exciting opportunity for you as a valued member of the TGA team to go on a new adventure with us to experience what could be another platform for the future of TGA. I know you can’t wait for TGA to be everywhere you are lol. Yippee I hear you cry!!

However this will not be your average online sit and watch whilst eating doughnuts kinda fitness program, this will be a video Facebook Portal call so I WILL be able to see EVERYTHING you do throughout the whole session. So, there is no getting away with a half-hearted work out!!

As some of you already have MyZone belts this is another way that we can monitor you throughout the session and see how hard you’re working. If you like the idea of taking your workout to the next level and having a MyZone belt to see what your heart rate is doing, how many calories you’ve burnt and what points you’ve gained for the leader board, then I can tell you more about it.

We will trial run our online portal for one week only in which time this will be completely FREE. So, get in and book your spaces whilst you still can we have only seven spaces to fill per class. If we have lots interest, we can run more classes though out the day. Especially if we are all cooped up inside, in total lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

All you need is Facebook messenger TGA will do the rest and will provide you with a fitness survival kit which will be dropped to your home or can be picked up prior to the launch.

After the first week FREE LAUNCH we will ask you to sign up to the direct debit. We will charge the same price as our current classes £10 a session.

TIPS TO BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM. • Lemon in warm water • Have as much natural vitamin C in your diet • take vitamin D3, • Zinc • Regular exercise • Fresh air and regular sunlight • Green tea black tea and herbal teas • Raw honeybee pollen also useful • Sauna • Intermittent fasting • Sleep

These are the government guidelines to the coronavirus. What to do if you have the symptoms. Stay at home for seven days if you have either,

1. A considerable increase in body temperature,

2. A NEW continuous cough.

This will help to protect others in your community whilst you are infected.

Do not go to your GP surgery position or hospital.

You do not need to contact NHS111 to tell them you’re just to stay at home.

Please email at to let me know ASAP what you would like to do before this closure happens, so we are well prepared to cater to your needs.

Many thanks


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